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College/University Name: Syracuse University
201 Tolley Administration Building
Syracuse, NY, NY 13244
Other Info regarding the town, city, living area, etc.
Diverse and big city (but not too big like Chicago or LA). Living off campus is reasonable. Great campus culture, progressive. People here also love sports. You will find people from different states and some Asians also (esp. Indian and Chinese). Very beautiful during the summer and fall, snows during the winter.
Total Students (approx): 18000 Total Nepali Students (approx): 5
Tuition Cost USD (per yr): $ 28285 Room & Board USD (per yr): $ 10370
In State Tuition (per yr) $

Requirements to get In State Tuition

Is Scholarship Available? Yes         No
Maximum Scholarship USD (per yr) $ 32000
Any other info regarding Tuition and/or Scholarship:
Mostly for graduates and limited number for udnergraduates
On-Campus Jobs Available? Yes         No Outside Jobs Available? Yes         No
Minimum wage per hour (in USD) $ 8 Maximum hours of work available per week (in hrs) 7.5
TOEFL Required? Yes         No TOEFL Minimum
SAT Required? Yes         No SAT Minimum
GRE Required? Yes         No GRE Minimum
GMAT Required? Yes         No GMAT Minimum
Degrees: Bachelors,Masters,PHD
Any Other Information:
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