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College/University Name: Arizona State University
University Drive
Other Info regarding the town, city, living area, etc.
It's in Tempe a suburb of Phoenix (5th largest city in the US). The school itself is the largest school in the US in terms of student population. Beautiful winter weather, hot summer for 5 mos. Big Companies: Intel, Motorola, Microchip, Google, Broadcom, American Express, Bank of America. Living expenses very affordable compared to other big cities.
Total Students (approx): 60000 Total Nepali Students (approx): 9
Tuition Cost USD (per yr): $ 15000 Room & Board USD (per yr): $ 7000
In State Tuition (per yr) $ 4301

Requirements to get In State Tuition
Have to be Arizona Resident to get In State Tuition. Graduate Tuition Cost is $15,730 for full time out of state students. The tuition cost for 12+ credit hrs is the same for undergraduate students. The tuition cost for 9+ credit hrs is the same for graduate students. You can take up to 18 undergraduate credit hrs per sem without approval from your advisor. You can take up to 22 credit hrs upon approval from your advisor. Graduate students can take up to 15 credit hrs per semester.

Is Scholarship Available? Yes         No
Maximum Scholarship USD (per yr) $ 16000
Any other info regarding Tuition and/or Scholarship:
Graduate Students get GA (Graduate Assistantships), TA (Teaching Assistantships) and RA (Research Assistantship). Full assistantship will cover tuition plus other personal expenses (like room and board, food) and you are expected to work 20 hrs per week. Undergraduate scholarship is generally not available for first time freshmen but may be available for transfer applicants.
On-Campus Jobs Available? Yes         No Outside Jobs Available? Yes         No
Minimum wage per hour (in USD) $ 5.15 Maximum hours of work available per week (in hrs) 20
TOEFL Required? Yes         No TOEFL Minimum 550
SAT Required? Yes         No SAT Minimum
GRE Required? Yes         No GRE Minimum 700
GMAT Required? Yes         No GMAT Minimum
Degrees: Bachelors,Masters,PHD
Any Other Information:
  The numbers for standard entrance exams varies by programs. If you apply for a Graduate program in engineering, then 700 is the generally the cutoff for GRE. The MBA program requires even higher GMAT scores and two years of industry experience. The Engineering and MBA programs are very competitive and they rank among top 50 in the US.
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